User manual ver in installer vs user guide for download

Hi all,

EDIT: Subj should say "vs ONLINE guide."

Just trying out easyBCD - read really good things. Wondering if the Help (user manual) included in latest ver of EasyBCD is newer / older / same as the online guide for "ver 2" here: EasyBCD Documentation Home - EasyBCD - NeoSmart Technologies Wiki

That says, "it's severely out-of-date, we're updating it for 2.0 now" ?

I take it there's not a PDF version of the manual to d/l separately from installer pkg?

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There is no manual to download and the Wiki is a work in progress. We all are busy and haven't had the time required to update the Wiki as of yet.
The online wiki is up to date for 2.1.

I don't know where you're seeing "severely out-of-date"