Using bcdedit to edit an external hive/run via WINE/emulate iReboot?


Title pretty much says it all. Really, I made sure it did. One would assume that, since it runs on almost nothing else, bcdedit.exe can be run via WINE. And, according to the menu options in EasyBCD, it can load a hive at a given location. What would prevent someone to write a short shell script to emulate iReboot or, more likely, Boot Camp (a la "Reboot into Windows")?
I don't think its possible, but stick around. Computer Guru (the developer of iReboot) should know.
I'm not talking about an entire app, probably just a script. At its simplest, it would just be a hack, a per-user script. I'm not talking about a copy of iReboot, just a custom icon for Rebooting into Windows. And, yes, I've read the same topics as you. However, that was last year. This year, NTFS-3G is stable and on by default in most distributions, WINE has hit stable and is compatible with more Windows apps than ever.

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Yes. I understand that. But that doesnt mean that the author and creator Computer Guru agrees that this is a viable option to go with.

He is still working on EasyBCD 2.0, HnS along with finishing up his schooling. That doesnt leave much time for trying to hack a script together for iReboot in Linux when there are very few people who want it. If there was a high demand for it. I could see it.

But there are few people who request such a tool.
I haven't given this a second shot - you are right, WINE and (especially) NTFS-3G *have* come a long way.

Actually, the folks over at InsanelyMac were requesting a Mac frontend to a couple of small EasyBCD mac-specific options to go along with the Windows version; since EasyBCD 2.0's biggest change is in the wholly-rewritten mac support.