Using Bootmgr without win7 ???


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For a studient project, i need to use Acronis TrueImage 2010 as an emergency recovery tools.
On my harddrive, i have 2 OS (win7 and ubuntu).
When i let grub manage the bot sequence everythings are ok exept some errors message in Acronis (sector23).
Then i dtried using bootmgr and using esayBCD to configure it.

No error in Acronis, everything seems cool. So i only need Ubuntu and decide to remove Win7 without deleting bootmgr.

My question is : Is it possible to use Bootmgr as a remplacement of GRUB without an install of win7?

if some of you already tries this, have you got some tips for me?

thank a lot :smile:
No you cant use the BCD without a valid install of a compatible version of Windows. Meaning you must have either Vista or Win7 installed for the BCD to work. It is the same issue people have when trying to use EasyBCD and the BCD on XP which does not use the BCD files to boot. You will have to either learn about GRUB/GRUB2 for this or leave Win7 installed.