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The instructions you provide for using EasyBCD to regenerate your MBR don't relate to what I see using EasyBCD 2.01. The instructions tell me to go to the Bootloader Management screen. There is no bootloader management screen. Can you point me to directions on how to use 2.01 to fix my Vista MBR? Thanks - JRH
What's wrong with your PC at the moment and what are you trying to do?

Most likely, you are trying to get into Vista after installing XP.

Go to "bootloader setup"
Sorry I wasn't more specific. It was late, I was frustrated and I just hit the high points.

Here's the situation: My system is high-end HP Pavillion with quad-core AMD Phenom 9550, 6 GB RAM, Vista Home 64.

I had just finished installing new Trend Micro Internet Security Pro and OKed reboot. It sat for almost 10 minutes with black screens and, after about 5 minutes, no disk accesses. I did hard re-boot and system came up in Safe Mode with the left (primary) display stll dark. I used Restore to go back before the Trend Micro install - no joy. I ran diagnostics and got the BIOHD-4 error code.

I discussed problem with one of my techs at work. His only suggestion was to wipe HD and reload Vista.

I googled the error code and found your forum. I downloaded EasyBCD 2.01 and tried to use the guide you wrote back in 2006 to fix the MBR. The screens didn't match your guide - but I tried a few things that seemed to be close to what your guide directed. Problem still exists.

This PC is extremely important to my daily work as is the 8GB of structured data on the HD. I will wipe the HD only as a last resort. I have a 16GB Flash drive that should handle all the files I need. I'm not sure that any backup routines will work. I can access control panel, but none of the routines work.

The Pavillian is about 15 months old - shouldn't be an HD problem. Also, I do not dual-boot.

Obi-Wan, you're my only hope :|

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If you want to rescue personal data, you can do it like this
If you're getting into safe mode, then the boot isn't broken so you don't need to repair the MBR (If it were - boot the Vista DVD>"repair your computer">"startup repair" 3 times)
Try booting the Vista DVD into "command prompt" and run a chkdsk /r against your OS partition, remembering to specify the disk letter of your OS as seen from the booted DVD.