Using easyBCD 2.2 with W7 (one disk) and Ubuntu 14.04 (another disk)

My desktop has two HDD.
One (hdd1) with a W7 standard installation.
Another (hdd0) with Ubuntu 14.04 standard installation.

By a selection of boot device from bios, I can boot on one or the other system. W7 is the default. Fine.

But it could be better to use easyBcd during boot process of W7 which is my default system.
However I still want to be able to boot directly to Ubuntu by bios selection and not to make Ubuntu boot dependant of the sanity of Windows.
I just want a facilty.

Even if I've tried I'm still unable to start booting Ubuntu from within easyBCD menu.
I'm lost.
I certainly have forgot to install or do something in terms of easyBCD parametrization , but what?

Any help welcome!




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You should only need to add a Linux entry to the BCD from W7, letting EasyBCD automatically configure.
Select grub2 (not grub) from the dropdown and no other information is necessary. EasyBCD will locate Linux and create the necessary boot chain.