Using EasyBCD to get rid of Ubuntu GRUB?


Hello all,

I was wondering, can EasyBCD get rid of Ubuntu's boatloader GRUB? If so, is it through to option: reinstall vista boatloader?

I have both XP and Vista installed and I want to remove Ubuntu, for that I ofcourse need to remove the boatloader first so that I can access my windows installations. Do I need to do it in XP first and then use vista CD? or is there a solution fully supported by EasyBCD?

Thx in advance,

thx, I fixed it manually with the fixmbr cmd in the winxp disc on the winxp partition, it automatically put on the vista bootloader which I now edited with bootbcd, thx for the link tho.
fixmbr recovered Vista's bootloader from XP's disc??? Little bit confusing there but glad you got it working :smile: