Using EasyBCD to modify the BCD store and eliminate the Windows Boot Mgr

Wanting to dual-boot W7 and W10 I mistakenly installed EasyBCD in W7. Added W10 within the program and the Windows Boot Mgr started next time I booted, showing both entries but only running W7. As Terry later explained to me: "You can't boot a newer Windows from an older."

Makes perfect sense, but before I switch over to installing EasyBCD in W10 and properly setting things up from there I would like to use the EasyBCD installation still sitting in W7 to modify the BCD store and prevent the Windows Boot Mgr from even coming up. That is, I want to return things to the way they were for years ie, when I boot from the W7 HDD it goes straight into W7, with NO Windows Boot Mgr MENU.

Is that possible?


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Just remove the W10 entry. (edit boot menu)
Windows only presents a menu if there's a choice.