Using Hibernation


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I have a single drive partitioned with xp and vista. I generally used xp and would like to use hibernate with it. When I hibernate it closes my session and I have to start from a fresh boot. I even removed the vista from the bootloader and I still get a reboot everytime I hibernate. Is there a solution? I'm not a techi so please be gentle.
Hibernate completely shuts off the computer and stores everything on the hard drive, so when you boot it back up it may look like its a fresh session but its not. If you'd prefer to keep the computer on but in a low state of power use the standby mode (sleep mode in Vista).
Did you make any recent changes to the boot menu? Try re-setting the BCD store: EasyBCD > BCD Install/Repair > Reset BCD Configuration. You can try system restore too. System file checker may help:

sfc /scannow
There is nothing wrong with BCD or MBR. The signature on my hibernation file is missing. Before the boot process.

A system repair is impossible, because it is a OEM.
And the problem started with a system restore......
It certainly is possible (and even likely) that the two issues are linked - seeing as it is a clear bug in Windows in Wonda's case.