using recovery screen BSOD - Irql_not_less_OR_EQUAL

using recovery disc - getting BSOD - Irql_not_less_OR_EQUAL

Hi All

Ive got a vista system thats saying 'no operating system' or words to that effect.

Ive checked out the hardware and all seems fine (dell xps 730) and downloaded the ISO to create the repair disk.

It goes all the way through until a BSOD - Irql_not_less_OR_EQUAL.

Digging about, i believe this is possibly driver issues?

Anyway - now im stumped. ive assumed its the x86 installation (i dont know, not my box) - so im also going to try the x64 image just in case.

Any other suggestions / ideas?



UPDATE: ive ran both x86 and x64 discs now. the x64 gives the same error with the addition of 'STOP 0c0... nvstor.sys'
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No operating system message means there's something up with the hard drive. How far do you get into the recovery disc before it bluescreens on you?
hi kairozamorro - thanks for the reply.

its a good 15-20 mins, its almost as if it happens just as the 'console' itself launched - the 'white bars' status line goes all the way across on the 'loading screen'.

random - i know. my last resort is to try an original vista ultimate disc which im borrowing (its dell oem - no disks...)

any other advice / suggestions welcome.

hey, my dell did this, where it took a while for the bar to goes all the way across and just stays there... im not sure if this is the case with yours but the problem on mine was the bios settings... if i had a hard drive unplugged that was plugged in and bios still had it enabled. Dont Know if this would help but just thought id try to help.