Using System 7 Recovery Disk to Repair Corrupt Module


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I am running Windows 7 Ultimate 64 bit and the WMI is corrupted. I’ve been trying (unsuccessfully, so far) to fix this for a long time.
You can see a quick summary in my correspondence with Microsoft at
I am trying to do a REPAIR INSTALL, as described in the link above. I have the RECOVERY DISKS from HP, but as you describe on your web site, these do not allow a REPAIR, just a CLEAN INSTALL of the OEM software load.
So I purchased the ISO file for System 7 Recovery Disk as you describe and burned a CD.
Now, I am ready to use the CD and I can see how to use it to fix bootloader problems. I am not sure I can use it for Repair/Upgrade to fix a broken function in Windows 7 (WMI)
Any advice?
If you get the ISO from us (via torrent), there's no charge.
Unfortunately, whether you paid or not, you cannot use it to install Windows or fix a corrupt OS.
It's only the W7 repair disc (as you can create yourself in Control Panel > Backup & Restore > "Create Repair Disk")
It doesn't contain any Windows installation files, just the ability to repair the boot process, or to access a system restore point from a non-booting PC.
If you have a system restore point from before your problem started, you can go back to that.
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Sir i have TOSHIBA Android AC100 - 10D
i want to install window Xp or 7 or 2000

Please help me sir


Sir i have TOSHIBA Android AC100 - 10D
i want to install window Xp or 7 or 2000
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Zubair I think the AC100 runs a Nvidia Tegra cpu which is for mobile devices. I might be way off base here but I doubt that it is capable of running anyh of the Windows you mentioned. It might run Windows phone OS and while you probably have a very good reason for changing the OS but I can't think of a reason I would want to do something like that.