Using up and down arrows borks menu entries


I am having a problem with EasyBCD I am dual booting Windows 7 and Fedora 13. I use the up and down arrows to position my menu entries so the default is the top choice. When I use the arrows so I can place the default OS on top, I get duplicate menu entries. The first time the Windows 7 entry came up twice after saving, overwriting the Linux entry. Another time 2 Windows entries came up above the Linux entry although when rebooting, only a Windows entry appeared in the menu.
I can use the BCD Install/Repair option to reset the configuration, and then add the Windows and Linux entries again, and, that works, but, if I use the arrow to move the Linux entry to the top, then, I create the same error again.
The Laptop originally had a dual boot of Vista and Fedora 11, I upgraded EasyBCD from 1.7.2 to 2.0 and did an upgrade of the Vista install to a Windows 7 install, then removed Fedora 11 and did a fresh install of Fedora 13.
I have two Dell laptops set up the same way, the first one was updated using EasyBCD and didn't have this problem. The problem appeared when I upgraded the second laptop with the EasyBCD version.
As long as I don't use the arrows for editing the menu, EasyBCD is performing as well as it always did. I didn't see any other threads reporting this problem, so, I'm wondering if the problem could be local or a bug with EasyBCD.

Thanks for your time and work.
You mean the up/down buttons with arrows on them? Seems to be working fine for me here.

Post some screenshots/bcd details before/after, maybe that'll show us whats going on.
OK, so, for a whole day, no matter what I did, using the buttons with the arrows on them gave me the results I mentioned above. SO, I set up the laptop to make screen shots and I can't reproduce. Sorry, but, after rebooting and redoing the menu multiple times the other day with the same errors coming up (I wouldn't have made my original post if it didn't happen multiple times), today, everything is working perfectly fine. I'm sorry for the inconvenience, and, will be watching for the appearance of Gremlins on my laptop.
EasyBCD is a great product and I recommend it constantly, it worked perfectly when doing the upgrade from Vista to Win 7, something that I would have guessed Grub would have given me problems with.
Thanks again with your quick response, if I notice anything in the future I will repost.

Hi Tom,

I'll test this from my end - I don't doubt that it happened, but unless I can reproduce it I don't have any way of getting it fixed :smile:

Glad you like EasyBCD :smile: