Valid BCD Registry not detected IN XP HELP!


K i just installed a clean XP SP2 and i want to run Easy BCD cause i just installed leopard and i want to add a boot path to it . anyways i get this error message "EasyBCD has detected that your BCD boot data and MBR are either not from the latets version of Windows Vista, or dont yet exist. but i dont have vista so why does it say that :S help thx:huh:
That is because the BCD is the Vista boot loader. Not the XP one. So you have to install the BCD to be able to do what you want. So yes you will get this error cause it is true. You do not have a valid BCD entry. You can not modify something you do not have.
thx for the fast reply, but i still dont understand can you tell me what i have to do so i can edit my boot and use this program like i use to befor ?
Are you saying that you used EasyBCD (a Vista bootloader editor) on XP before you reinstalled it, or have you replaced Vista with XP ?

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No. I am thinking that he has never had Vista at all. He has had only XP and just installed OS X and wants to use EasyBCD and the bootloader to dual boot between them.

So my first question would be have you read the sticky by Guru saying that there is a known issue with EasyBCD and Leopard? So your attempts would be in vain if you were trying to dual boot XP and Leopard. Since EasyBCD and that do not work well. IT is a known issue and a fix is being worked on but there is no guarantee that it would work.

From here there is nothing more we can really do. As you can not use a Vista recovery disc to get any kind of laoder cause it was never there. I do not think EasyBCD can add it but you can try. It should be under Manage Bootloader. There you can write the MBR and it should be the BCD. So then you can add your XP entry and OS X entry and see if it works.
Yeah guys sry about that i was trying to use easybcd with only xp lol that was stupid haha i know now that it only works on vista lol thx for the help later