Valid BCD Registry not Detected.


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I just finished installing XP and Vista. I fixed the Vista bootloader by use of the Vista install DvD.

As soon as I try to inialize Easy BCD though in Vista I get the message Valid BCD Registry not Detected.

Easybcd has detected that your BDCD boot data and MBR are either not from the latest version of Windows Vista, or don't yet exist..

I proceed to let EAsyBCD fix these issues for me and then I am struck by a message saying that EasyBCD could not automatically detected the drive letter of my boot device. I tell it what letter it should be and continue.
It then wants me to yet again tell me what drive i want to recreate my BCD registry on and I tell it which drive it should be.

Now comes "The store import operation has failed."
"Det gtr inte att hitta systemenheten som beg,,rdes."

Please help me.
Hi Bob,
welcome - did booting from the Vista DVD, repair your dual boot to the point where it was working OK - ie are you just trying to use EasyBCD to tidy up ?
Or did your system not boot into Vista, and you're running EasyBCD from XP ?