"Value Cannot be null. Parameter name: item"


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When i click on "Add/Remove Entries", i get this error and the program crashes.
edit: it seems to be fixed. thanks

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Hi MNICY, welcome to NeoSmart Technologies.

Any idea what was causing it before it fixed itself? Did you send the error report?
I have been encountering the same error and have sent a bug report. I suspect its related to a partially corrupted BCD. I'm trying to repair it. The EasyBCD Reset BCD storage feature didn't seem to do anything. Also I can longer get into Windows RE from the installation media.
Hello everyone!

I had the same problem last week. The problem was that my bootloader timeout was set to zero. When I set it back to "3" manually, EasyBCD was up and running again.

It's a nice piece of software, I guess M$ will eventually place a bid on NeoSmart...:??

P.S: would be a nice idea to allow anonymus posting, at least in the bug report area. I had to register just to post this comment and, quite frankly, almost give up when realized that.
Hi Aelius,

That's a good thought - we'll definitely be considering it.

The bootloader 0-timeout bug is a known issue in 1.6 final and is fixed in the latest 1.61 beta build should you care to try it.

Glad you like EasyBCD.