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Guru i see you have RSS going on here. I also know this is vB. So does it have the option in the ACP (*Admin Control Panel) to create RSS Feeds?

Asking cause someone else wants to get RSS Feeds going but they think they have to install something on the server to do it. I know IPB can do it right thru their ACP. Just wondering if vB can as well.
Close to none.... It's just a text file :smile:
But then again, last month we managed to put out over 1.5TiB of data so take that with a grain of a salt!
Cool. 1 Last question. It is only a Admin that can manage the RSS Right. Being that it is in the Admin Center.

My friend would like to try and see if Mods can handle the RSS but from what i understand of it the RSS jsut does new threads and sends them out via Text Messages. So only the Admin would be able to set it up and Moderate it right?

Thanks for all the info you provided. :smile:
OK, I think we're talking about different things here.

In vB, there are two things:
RSS Feeds that list threads/posts on your forums.
RSS Importers that create new threads from a external RSS feed.

Both are managed from the AdminCP - which are you referring to?

I thought you were talking about the first, but then you wouldn't need any form of moderation in that case....
I was reffering to the first one. But he wants to have some kind of Moderation to prevent Spam posting getting sent out via RSS.

I have basically told him that he would just have to make sure the forums were moderated correctly. Cause there would be no way to stop it.

Thanks for all the info. I appreciate it.
Yeah, that's right. There is individual moderation of RSS feeds - whatever is in the forums is what gets out.
Thanks again Guru. I figured as much. So it is highly unlikely that someone can prevent all the spam from going out. But they can try their best. :smile: