vBulletin Theme Needs Some Work


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If one selects default skin - not only does the forum header switch to vBulletin, but your fundraiser thingammajig disappears too.

Perhaps you need to update that skin also...??

Just trying to find you more work to do...LOL
roflmao :lol:

As if I need more work! :tongueout:

Actually, I haven't given the default skin any love whatsoever... No header, no donation tracker, no ads even!

I may or may not get to it later, I think you're the only one using it... :tongueout:
I'm not using it but I thought that many members probably do as they are unaware of the Neoberry one.
Nope. NeoBerry is set as default, right Guru? So, if someone new comes, first they see is NeoBerry.