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Ventrilo - Surround Sound Voice Communication Software

Ventrilo is a server/client Voice over IP (VoIP).

Who uses it?

i know mostly gamers use it, but it can have other uses too

a private (personal and free) server can hold a max of 8 users and is pretty easy to use and not hard to setup. (i simple youtube video can help you out with it lol)


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Any benefits over Skype conference calls?

I have a VoIP server set up on NST actually, using the XMPP (Jabber, Google Talk) protocol - haven't touched it in over a year though....
^ yes Ali they use Ventrilo for gaming.

Actually Guru i dont know, ive never used Skype, but Vent isnt hard to use so i like it. and i can setup a free server with a max of 8 Users ^__^


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I probably should check it out then - thanks for the heads-up :smile: