"Verify DMi Pool Data"

I have recently had an automatic update for my windows 10

and now when I switch on, this is the message I receive

I have no repair disc aleady made :frowning:

Can I use this ? your
"Windows 10 Recovery CD Free Download"
to get me started I also can`t see how to get into safe mode any advice plse very much appreciated

I can get into the bios settings using the delete key





Mostly Harmless
Staff member
Verifying DMI pool data is not an error message, it's a normal message in the BIOS startup sequence. What's happening is that your PC is not moving on to the next step after that.
If you can get into your BIOS, that means the problem isn't with the firmware and you should be able to use EasyRE to fix your PC, provided that the drive has not been formatted.