version 2.3 crashes with "error opening BCD registry" on w7pro 64bit


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Can you please open an elevated command prompt (shift+right click on start menu, start elevated command prompt) and execute the following:

bcdedit /enum > C:\YOURUSERNAME\Desktop\bcd1.txt
bcdedit /enum /v > C:\YOURUSERNAME\Desktop\bcd2.txt
Then attach both the txt files found on the desktop here in a reply? Thank you.
Hello all,

I have the same problem, there is some solution for this?

I opened a cmd promt and send it the comands you type above, and it said me bcdedit not recogniced as a command.



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Did you open an elevated command prompt ? (right click > run as admin)
Hello Terry60,

Was my fault i need to open elevated command promt, i attached here the files i get with this commands.

Can you tell me how i can fix this issue?

Thank you very much for your help


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