Very slow start 2.1.2 as opposed to 2.1.0


I had instant start with 2.1 and very slow start (more than 2 minutes!) with 2.1.2 at the same configuration. BCD files - in attach. There's no any errors in it, "Mandriva Linux" item is created by EasyBCD itself (but slow start was before).


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Yes, but seems it isn't slow :wink: It's 16 GB and >15 MB/s writing and >25 MB/s reading. Is it so slow that EasyBCD starts more than 2 minutes?
It's not about write or read speed - its about how long it takes Windows to access it for the first time.

You don't usually see this behavior with USB sticks though, almost always only with external drives which are powered down and need time to spin up....
No, it's not first access time. It always inserted in USB socket and continually used. And EasyBCD starts 2 minutes EVERY time, with no difference in 2 or 48 hours after OS starting (with inserted USB flash). Today is 3 days after starting (and corresponding USB insertion) - same behaviour.
I don't mean first, first access. I mean first access by an application.

Does EasyBCD take long to start when the USB is not plugged in?
I tried under Windows XP (second OS installed to another HDD partiton) - same situation, but WITHOUT USB. EasyBCD 2.1 - 1-2 seconds, EasyBCD 2.1.2 - 1.5-2 minuties.