VHD boot windows XP


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I have a windows 7 computer with 2 harddrives, hd1 is for the operating system and hd2 for my data backup.
I would like to dual boot windows XP from a VHD (I already installed WinXP in Microsoft Virtual PC 2007).
Now, I selected the add entry option in easybcd and then pointed to the VHD of windows xp...
But when I try to boot from it, an error message comes up that says halmacpi.dll is missing or corrupt...
In Microsoft Virtual PC 2007 it boots fine...
Anyone an idea?

kind regards,
Hi tvgdb,

Windows XP doesn't support booting from a VHD. This is a limitation from Microsoft, only Windows 7 (and I think only Ultimate Edition, at that) can be booted from a VHD.

You could try using EasyBCD 2.1's new raw hard disk image support, no guarantees though.
Keep in mind that your VHD uses the HAL for the virtual machine and not for your hardware. It does not have the drivers installed for your "real" board and hardware, so it can only boot inside the virtual machine, anyway.