VHD in EasyBCD


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Probably already on its way but ...
- When adding a new Windows boot entry I'd like to be able to browse for a vhd file (virtual hard disk), similar to what you can do in WinPE entries.
- VHD devices also appear as 'unknown' in the View Settings -> Detailed (debug mode) and as 'Deleted Partition' in View Settings -> Overview.
- Change Settings should also allow browsing so an entry can be changed to a vhd.

Anyway keep up the excellent work.

Nice! I have need this feature! Because it is awfull to do this on the command line without your support!
Thank you - Nice tool!
I've been running the build 93 for a month now and this is good to know since I just asked the same queation about adding in a vhd into the 7 boot loader here.