vibility of the windows7 boot partition


Hi all and thanks for the oportunity to post to this forum. I dont have any issues with easybcd as yet but I have had some strange things happen on this new (4 months old) dell laptop that i like some feedback on.
The laptop runs windows7 ultimate 64bit with 2 500gb seagate hard disks with a core i7 processor.
For quite a while early on i was using backup programs - the first supplied by dell, and the second one purchaesd from paragon software. I discovered both had trouble on this system that sometimes caused the status of the 100mb system reserved partion to alter state so that it became invisible to normal programs - eg easybcd, bcdedit, and the dell datasafe local backup program.
My investigations show that under normal working conditions the windows management interface would display a line for this special boot partition giving no assigned drive letter but a volume label. In the error state, this same line changed to have the partion disply no volume had not disappeared as i found that attempts to reset it were rejected. The boot files withing the partition were unaltered and I could partially get things to work agsain by assigning a drive letter to the partition.

Noone has yet been able to give me some sensible explanation of what might have been going on.

ive now got rid of the dell and paragon backup programs from my system and rely on the Acronis trueimage app. Since 'losing' the other two apps this error state has not recurred.

Thanks for reading........... could it be something to do with disk driver software and the virtual disk service softare ?