Video capture program


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I am looking for a nice (featured) program much like Fraps, however free.

i want to try my hand at some [SIZE=-1]Machanime (or however its spelled) with Garry's mod.

so a
[/SIZE][SIZE=-1]video/[/SIZE][SIZE=-1]screen capture program would be nice

Not a problem Kahai. I know there has been offers for Camastia for free for older versions. If you find the download for version 3.1.3 i have a spare serial that i can give you to use. I signed up with several email addresses so that i would have a few serial to spare.

Just let me know and i will PM you the serial. This is all legit as well.

Free Camtasia Studio License Serial Key and Download My Digital Life

That is just one of the links i found it from. :wink: