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Found this video too:

YouTube - Windows Vista vs. Windows XP


i havent watched the whole thing

but i know exactly what he is talking about. Vista has what it takes to be something of a OS but atm it doesnt do much if things happen to not work

i like ubuntu, and yes it does "just work" after i got through my problems lol


i think this video does hold some ground. and i can see it has been apparent.

another video, much shorter lol

YouTube - Windows Vista did not steal ideas from Mac OS X!

this guys is trying to prove that vista/micro$oft, didnt steal ideas from OSX/apple. Complete and total crap lol his reasons are very stupid, and i dont believe for a second lol the video images of osx/vista arent helpful to his cause either lol
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The video is wrong, you pasted same video like in XP thread. :ldown: Can you paste right link?

Edit: Thanks.
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^ fixed

the first video is long, very long, 51 minutes lol its just a guys opinion on why he's going back to XP

the second is funny lol :smile:
Interesting clips..

I personally don't think Microsoft "stole" much of anything from Apple, being there in the private beta for Windows Vista from Day One I saw the natural progression of events, but I could be wrong.

I have to agree though, Windows Vista is an awesome OS, but a terrible one. It's awesome because it has so many great features and innovative ideas, and it sucks because it just doesn't work as advertised. Too many crashes, too many bugs, too many issues that I just can't seem to work around....
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oh thank you :smile: lol

i have other stuff too, it was made on gimp!(2.0) lol before i got ubuntu, i have had gimp for a long time, about 6 months or so lol

most of my images are purely full creation, i just recently tried my hand at image manipulation like that sig and avy

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