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okay, so for unknown reasons, Windows movie maker didnt like my AVI files so i had to find a new movie editor.

i searched a awhile on Cnet's, and on sourceforge too, and i got a few trial programs, but i think the best one i found would be Virtual Dub.

This is the second time i have had Vdub on my machine, the first was a while back before i got my own computer back. Back then i didnt know much to actually use it. I found a pretty kool Youtube Guru, that makes Tutorials for all sorts of Internet/computer stuff. One of his videos helped me into using Vdub.

So does anyone else use this Opensource program? or does everyone pay handfuls for Proprietary editing software?

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I have used VDub a couple of times in the past. It was alright. Most of the time i just convert the avi to a different format for WMM to work with. Either htat or i just use something and burn it straight to DVD.
^ yeah, idk what it is but the original AVI files im using wont open in movie maker, but once i edit them in in Vdub i can easily arrange them in Movie maker ^_^ and that solves my convert problem too