Virtual KVM Switch


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i am looking for a good, virtual KVM (keyboard, video and mouse) switch.

it would be nice to be completely free as well.

ive searched for a couple myself, and they are hard to use, (never actually got any of them to work :frowning: )


so i guess synergy is a good one, ill have to try to get it to work again :frowning: i couldnt before.

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yes somethign like that. i just will be having my laptop and my desktop now (reinstalled ultimate on it finally ^___^ my last dvd was scratched and wouldnt install, and i finally got around to buying new dvds :smile:

and when i move out of this house (to move into my moms new one) i will have my desk, so ill have a keyboard tray. and everything

the plan was, my laptop on the desk, my two crt monitors and then my desktop. i want to be able to control my laptop from my desktops input devices. so can just push my laptop back and type on it from the vKVM.