Virtual Machines.


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I know very little about VM software. but i am very interested in it.

I know i have a copy of Xen on Cd (or dvd idk) and i could always get a trial for VM workstation.

i like Xen, its Open-source. and i like EVERYTHING (anything) Open-source. So is it a good program to use for VM?

what do i do about installing them? do i just need an ISO of a OS setup?

I have ISO's from Msndaa (msdn aa) from my major here in computer science of windows. i would try with once i get it all working. but would most likely first install i Ubuntu.

i have the required 1GB of RAM now, thats why i have become interested.

Do i need a partition? or just a folder for everything the Virtual OS makes?
You only need the ISO to install, and just a folder to run the VM - no need for re-partitioning. VMware is free, btw. (VMware Workstation is paid, but VMware Server is free. I highly recommend it!)
okay thank you Guru

i like Xen, its a hyporvisor, multiple VMs at a time ^_^ but i dont think i have the RAM for that one

(also if you havent noticed, some help in vista is needed)

okay kool, so VMware is what i want to download thanks again ^_^
Vista Corner. sorry

i was helping someone out, i dont know if everything i said was right or not

and im installing VMware server now, the md5 checked out perfect ^_^
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so last night i installed VMware Server. i got myself the free key and i had turned off my computer over the night.

now i have started the program and i have made a standard settings partition (folder) for the VM. It is a 8.0GB "partition".

now i have the guides on how to install guest OS in VMware server. it is telling me that after i have made the partition. i need to turn on the power to the VM and then start the instalation of the guest OS. Im trying to install Server edition 2003 enterprise. (i got from msndnaa)

now i had to turn off VMware. and when i restart it it tells me it can't find the local host.

There is a problem connecting:

511vmware-serverd service is not running

im so lost :frowning:
They meant turn off the guest OS, not VMware itself.

Anyway, to start the service, try one of these three commands:
sudo /etc/init.d/vmware restart
sudo /etc/init.d/vmware-server restart
sudo /etc/init.d/vmware-served restart
yeah i figured that out after the fact :frowning:

im in windows currently so idk how well those linux terminal commands will help

im pretty horrible with terminal and cmd prompt :frowning:
that's ok, you'll learn :wink:

Those commands are basically telling Ubuntu to restart the service with name xxxx. I'm not sure what the VMware service is called exactly, so I'm guessing :grinning: