Virus on download page?


I tried to download easybcd today and my firewall (Endian Firewall) denies me access because it detects a virus:

HAVP - Access Denied

Accesss to the page has been denied

because the following virus was detected
ClamAV: Adware.Fakealert-21If you have any queries contact your ICT Co-ordinator or Network Manager.

I've downloaded before with no problems, is this a problem on my end or is it true?? Are there any other mirrors ?

This is a problem on your end. I have downloaded the application with several different virus applications installed and not one has claimed this one as a virus.

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Hi Mike,

There are plenty of mirrors, but nothing hosted on contains anything even remotely "evil" that would harm your system, and you cannot get infected by visitng either.

We've had our entire site scanned by McAfee (the anti-virus company) for malware, and we've been "certified clean": | Web Safety Ratings from McAfee SiteAdvisor

If it's spyware on your PC that's intercepting browser calls, try the direct download link for easybcd: then scan it with ClamAV before running - you'll find it to be perfectly clean :smile:
Yes, that must be something unique to your setup as I don't get any such warnings either. The finding "Fakealert" gives a clue.....possibly a false finding.
Clam support maybe has a submission method where you can send in files for analysis?
Just to let you guys know that fake alert is actually AdWare so you will need to remove it, you maybe getting this from P2P software thats been downloaded but it does get onto a PC in different ways aswell, I would run AdAware in safe mode with Sys restore disabled, and then re-enable sys restore, also pop over to house call to get a proper free scan.

You may want to remove any P2P software, I would also perform a Hijack log analysis, but go to Housecall first. Trend Micro HouseCall - Free Online Virus and Spyware Scan - Trend Micro USA
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