vist x64 recovery


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i have a sony vaio with vista home premium x64 pre-installed. i do not have any installation or recovery discs as i currently reside in japan and any discs that may or may not have come with the computer when i bought it are back in the US right now. at some point over the past couple days, my antivirus performed an automatic scan and and found infected files, which it then moved to quarantine as my settings for the program instructed. problem is, the computer won't restart now. it goes into the system recovery options and runs startup repair automatically without finding any problems. system restore won't work as there are no system restore points available (which i'm guessing is a function of the virus as it creates a new system restore point AT least every week per my settings). windows complete pc repair does nothing and the memory diagnostic tool finds no problems. i personally don't know how to use the command prompt to do anything. my own thoughts on this issue is that i'm skroooooowed and won't be able to recover ANYTHING on the computer. i would love to be informer how i can get this computer to work again, hell, i'd love to know how i can at least get files off it if it is a total loss.