Vista 1st then XP


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On my new HP Pavilion dv7-12856dx I tried to dual boot XP only to get the blue screen of "..shut down to protect your computer" etc.
I sought out your blogs and arrived the EasyBCD 1.7.2 screen showing Vista bootloader removal and reinstall.

If I uninstall the Vista bootloader, install XP (presuming I can) and then reinstall the Vista Bootloader, do I now have a viable system or have I destroyed some essential part of the Vista system that will now need reinstalling?
I ask because I dutifully " system backed up" as HP demanded and I "files backed up" using Vista Backup but: Nowhere does the backup system tell me that my executibles (*.exe, *.com etc) are backed up anywhere?! (HP says the executibles are ommitted from a normal backup)

Easy BCD is not too informative about what can (does) happen during the described actions.

I would appreciate any help in this regard.

Thank you.


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Hello KYCDH, welcome to NST

If you were successful with XP and was able to boot it before re-installing the Vista bootloader you should be in good shape. In Vista, install the latest build of EasyBCD 2.0 Beta, available here. Go to Add/Remove entries and add a new XP entry and let it auto-configure boot.ini for you.