Vista 32 & 64 Query



I was wondering if someone could suggest a solution to my current situation.

I currently have Vista 32bit and Vista 64bit installed on a single SATA drive on 2 seperate partitions. 32 is on the first partition and 64 on the second. When I boot into 32 I have the following configuration

C:\ Vista 32
D:\ My Data
F:\ Vista 64

When I boot into 64 I then get the following configuration

C:\Vista 64
D:\Vista 32
E:\My Data

Now you just know what I'm going to ask don't you?..oh you dont..ok then. When I boot into 64 I would like the My Data drive to remain as D but because Vista 32 is a boot drive it won't let me change the letter. Don't want to start messing around with EasyBCD as I am not too familair with this dual boot thing. Any help would be appreciated

Many thanks

Hi Andy, welcome to NeoSmart Technologies.

The best way to do this is to use a bootable partition editor like Acronis Disk Director and use it to change the drive letter or partition order to make it work properly.

An easier way would be to change "My Data" to E:\ on x86, then they'd both be the same :smile:
For someone who is as anal and as fussy as me that just ISN'T an option LOL

Thanks for your help Mahmoud


Using Acronis wouldn't mess up the multi boot side of things would it? or does Acronis take care of that too?

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I had an untidy re-install which left several things unusable when my XP system changed from C to D, and I fixed everything by finding all "C:\" references in the registry and changing them.
(I'm an anal retentive neatness freak too !)
Be warned - it's a long and boring road, unless you've got a snazzy registry editor (regedit is very unsnazzy).
There is advice (I can't remember precisely where) somewhere in the MS forums on changing your System device letter with a registry edit. I don't remember whether the advice above will include it.
MS advises against, precisely because you'll have to do what I've just described as well.
It just depends how neat you are whether its worth it.
I'd tend to go with Guru and pick a Data letter the same on both systems, but you'll still be hit with a lot of registry editing or Un/Reinstalling if you've already installed 3rd party software on the one you rename.
Not a lot of help being wise after the event, but this is why my FIRST action on a newly installed system is to rename/reletter DVDs, Flash Drives, Ext HDDs, cameras, scanners and then my HDD partitions, before doing a single install (even updates). Only when everything's where I always keep it and called what I always call it do I continue with e.g. a dual boot. Then I make the 2nd system match the first too.