Vista 64 and Ubuntu 64 on mirrored RAID...


After a long set of trial and error I got this to work.

The problem is that I could only get it work by telling the Ubuntu alternate CD installe process to install grub to the MBR (there is no menu option to instal it to the bootrecord, and recommended here). And because of a hitch with Grub in the 64 bit 8.10 alternate CD, I had to manually add Vista to the Grub menu.

But, while it works now, in a perfect world I would like easyBCD to be the entity greeting me after a boot. I have EasyBCD installed in my Widnows partition. Is there a guide on how to *safely* replace Grub with EasyBCD, keeping my configuration in mind: I have a dual boot of Ubuntu 8.10 64 bit and Windows Vista Ultimate 64, both co-existing on a mirrored RAID that is supported on the Asus P5Q-EM motherboard.

Thanks for suggestions.
I added ubuntu 8.10 64 right into the Vista boot options listed right under XP without any problems of needing to manually configure Grub since EasyBCD sees the NeoGrub being a version of Grub4Dos working there.

When installing ubuntu on a separate drive the root also became the mount point there since one or more other distros may go on as well. NeoGrub was then installed on the Vista drive but not into the bootsector to then add ubuntu in by selecting the drive and partition the distro was on. Loads up fine every time!