vista 64 bit recovery/insert installation disk


i am trying to run the vista 64 bit recovery disk, the window comes up for the product key code which i do not have so i told it to recover without the code, then a window pops up saying "please insert windows installation disc 1"

what do i do?

things have now changed but i still don't know what to do. i rebooted and now i am at a screen to install drivers with a list of drivers and i have no idea what drivers to install
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Hi rjog, welcome to NST.
You cannot use our recovery ISO to install, reinstall or even repair a broken OS - It contains no installation files.
It merely contains enough capacity to fix the boot process. It's provided for OEM users who have no Vista DVD and have lost the ability to access the OEM recovery media on the HDD hidden partition.
The "install" button has no function in this context, just the "repair your computer" link (bottom left)
If you need a new copy of Vista, you'll have to borrow one from a friend, and use your own PC key (not the one on the DVD) when you install it.
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i am not trying to install. the computer will not boot and i am trying to repair so it will boot and i did click on repair
OK. If you're using repair, and it can't find a Vista installation, try disconnecting any HDDs other than the one containing Vista.
If that doesn't apply (you only have one HDD), then click "next" on the blank "choose an OS" page.
Sometimes it will do the first stage of the repair and Vista will reappear. (then remember to repeat the boot/repair sequence another two times. It has lots of things to fix and only does one per boot)

If none of that works, use "command prompt" instead of "startup repair" and from the recovery console run a chkdsk /r on your Vista partition.
When it's finished (it takes a long time), try the startup repair again.