Vista 64 - Error loading OS


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I need a Vista Recovery disk download. When I power up the comp. all I get is "Error loading OS". If I boot from a win98 boot disk and try to access the "C" drive I get "Invalid media type reading drive C". I run "Fdisk " and there IS a valid partition. I don't know what I'm doing wrong but I have been trying to down load a "Windows Vista Recovery Disk" for 3 hours and every time I click on a header that says "Down load windows vista recovery disk" I am taken to some stupid forum that doesn't offer a download . . just Q & A. Your site offers a download in the form of "Torrent" files. Which I gather that I am supposed to download a file "Torrent" with some symbol in front of the word "Torrent" and it is supposed to download the ISO file. But I can never get to a download page. I keep ending up In a forum. WHERE IS THE WINDOWS VISTA RECOVERY DISK DOWNLOAD PAGE AND A SIMPLE SET OF INSTRUCTIONS SINCE .ISO & .EXE & .ZIP FILES HAVE BEEN OUTLAWED.