Vista 64


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I have Vista 64 on my computer.
& when I start up the computer the very first time the "reboot and select proper boot device" message comes up.
But If I start the computer up any time after that the monitor won't turn on & it'll just stay blank. I really have no idea whats going on.

I've tried using the recovery disc but my computer won't even read it once I put it in.
But I think that that might have something to do with the fact that before my computer got all messed up the disc reader got all messed up and would only work every now and then. & my brother tried getting a new disc reader for the computer, but he tried putting the new on in after the computer got messed up.

I can't bring up anything on my computer. I can't get past the "reboot and select proper boot device" anytime I start it up. Its getting really frustrating as I am not that familiar with computers and we simply do not have the money to take it to someone and get it fixed.
First check that when your brother was disconnecting/reconnecting devices, that he hasn't dislodged the HDD cable(s). Disconnect/reconnect them to make sure they're well seated. Then check in the BIOS which disk is top of the boot sequence and make sure it's the one with Vista on it.
You enter the BIOS setup utility by following the instructions on the first spash screen you see as the PC powers up (press "del" on my ASUS mobo, but others differ)