Vista 64Bit and XP pro 32 Bit Dualboot possible?


first of all my highest respekt to Mahmoud Al-Qudsi who is giving his intellect to community in most possible forms.
Second a very warm thank you for that.

===> I have to make an Quad with one hd and vista 64Bit on it ready for
making music.
(Somebody supports me here to be creative.)
No Vista-DVD, vista is on hd.
The system is untouched until now.
No 64Bit Driver available for the DSP-MusicCard.
No 64Bit software available for making music.
No money left to buy new hardware and software.
1. So i am forged? to install XP Pro 32 Bit on the system.
1.1 I do NOT want to destroy the originally Vista 64.

====>2. Is it possible to make an Dualboot system with EasyBCD with
64Bit and 32Bit systems?

If i cannot solve the problem until thursday this week, i have to give everything back.


Warm regards
Hi comba....., welcome to NST.
There's no problem dual booting Vista 64bit with XP 32bit.
That's what I did. (for similar reasons - to make my legacy software available when V64 wouldn't support it.)

Clear all your movable or disposable user data off your Vista system.
Delete it (from the waste bin too) or copy it to external storage until Vista is as clean as possible.

Defragment the Vista HDD to consolidate all of the empty space together.

Use Vista Disk Management to shrink the Vista partition as much as you can (or as far as you want to make the space you need for XP)

Read the sticky thread from the start and follow the links to educate yourself about dual-booting.
The more you understand before you start, the easier it will all be.
Hi Terry,

all-in-ONE thanx4help.
Wonderful not being alone with problems.
Allow a virtual hug.

Warm regards

P.S.: Will come back to tell how WE got it.
Thanks for your kind words, Combatan, and glad you're on the right track now :smile:

This community wouldn't exist without the help of our great members here in the forums, who've devoted a lot of time, energy, and effort to making NeoSmart a success :smile: