Vista 64Bit/Asus MOBO problems


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Hey everyone, im running windows Vista 64bit ultimate, and my rig specs are as follows

AMD 6000+ (Thermoelectric liquid cooled)
Asus M2N4-SLI Motherboard
2x 8800GTX's
2x 150 GB Raptors

My main problem right now is with the Asus support CD i have (Drivers and all that) It says on the CD that it has 64bit support. When i go to run the Asussetup.exe it goes to load then gives me the error message "Cannot Execute Kernel Mode Drive Service" and then "Can't Load ASUSHWIO.DLL" Then "Can't Load ASCDDMI.LL" i tried to go on the website, and when i went there i didnt know what to download! I am pretty noob at this being i was hoping a support CD would actually do its job....Can anyone help me! i really am having alot of trouble with this!
I wouldn't use the drivers CD. They typicaly install additional software you do not need and I know as a fact my dell one doesn't help on either Vista/XP. As painful as it sounds I would go to thier webiste and download each driver for the ones you need. Than either save these for future reference, use driver software to back them up into a single restore file, slipstream them into a new install disc, or image the computer so that if you need to go back all of the drivers well already be installed.