Vista 64bit Recovery Disc Won't Boot


Hello, just want to say foremost, thanks for replying to my thread. I'm running out of solutions.

Error Message: "BOOTMGR is missing, press CTRL+ATL+DEL to restart."

Problem:Can't access F11 (System Recovery)

Tried: Downloaded the Vista Recovery Disc (64bit) from NeoSmart and UTorrent. Burned the ISO file using ImgBurn. After putting the disc into the computer, it will not load. So I changed the Boot order and placed the CD drive in the first place. Still "BOOTMGR is missing..." screen. What am I doing wrong?

Pls help me. I'm so lost. Thanks.
If you're booting from the CD, you should see "press any key to boot from CD".
If you don't see that
a) your BIOS sequence is still wrong - check again that you're in the right section of the BIOS
b) the burn didn't work properly - check the CD by booting it in another PC
c) your CDROM drive is faulty - check to see if other bootable CDs will work (an old copy of Windows eg)
If the CDROM drive can't read CDs, try burning to DVD (different laser)
Thanks for responding, now I got the recovery disc to work. I did all the command prompt stuff bootbcd blah blah. but now i have a different error message. failed to start and tells me to insert a installation disc.

file: boot\bcd\ status: 0cx000000f info: an error occurred while attempting to read the boot configuration data.

i can't access the system restore or recovery. no os is listed. tells me to load driver. i don't know how.
If repair can't find an OS to fix, disconnect all other HDDs while you try to repair the boot.
If that doesn't make it appear, click "next" anyway. That sometimes completes the 1st stage of the repair and makes it visible again. (then run repair another 2 times)