Vista + 7 Dualboot death


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OK, so for the past few months, I've had windows 7 Ultimate in a Logical Drive partition of 53GB or so, with Vista in its own primary active partition of about 401GB. I never use Vista anymore, so I decided to get rid of the Vista partition. Then I learn that that isn't possible because windows 7 boots form the earliest OS, (or something like that) but in my efforts to decrease the size of the Vista partition, I set the RECOVERY drive as active, and forgot to undo that particular change before restarting my computer. So, now i have no bootmgr file to boot. Will getting an ISO of windows 7 on a USB and booting from that fix this? Is there a way to do so without going thorugh all this trouble?

If it matters, I've got a Dell XPS M1530.

EDIT: I went to WalMart and picked up a USB... DL'd the 32-bit Windows 7 repair Disk, since i don't remember if i have 64 or 32 bit wibdows 7. I am in the process of formatting the USB to NTFS and hopefully I'll be able to boot from this soon. Taking forever to format though. 16gig drive.
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