Vista Advance System Settinngs

I need to change System properties in Control Panel -> System->Advance System->Advance tab-> Start and Recovery ->settings->System Failure and check the the box for "Write an event to the system log". My problem is that after having checked this box and "OK" , it does not retain this change and reverts back to its original box unchecked. How can I make the system to accept this change. Please help.
Yes I see the Event Log entry in the Admin Tools / services running, Is this where I need to make changes, if so how? I tried to make change through Control Panel and then use Advance tab in System tool. I have been monitoring the event viewer, where I notice the system complaining about "Event ID 46 Crash Dump Fail" and the solution offered on some site was to check mark beside "Write and event to the system log", which I have done. However, for some unknown reason when I press OK and go back to check if this is done I find that the check box is cleared. I do not know what is preventing the check box to retain the new change.
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