Vista and 7 dualboot with hibernation


Hi, I have a laptop with one HDD partitioned

1. Partition Primary 50 GB Vista x86
2. Partition Primary 100 GB 7 x64
3. Partition Logical 160 GB Data
4. Partition Logical Bitlocker 10 GB Data
5. Partition Primary 8 GB Recovery
6. Partition Logical 10 MB XOSL

I would like to switch the OSes, puting one into hibernation and booting the second, so i need to separate the OSes so each will have its own BCD on its partition

I installed Vista first, then 7 and 7 updated BCD on Partiton1, then i made a bootable USB Flash booting the XOSL on last partition and then I copied BCD and boot files from partition1 to partition2 and edited BCD on partition2 to have Windows 7 choice on first place(only to check if correct BCD was loaded)

XOSL has 2 choices, Vista and 7, for now each goes to standard windows boot menu.

When I use Vista in XOSL, then the Windows Bootloader works fine for both OSes, but when I use 7 choice in XOSL, both entries will boot Vista.

Things i need help with
1, Boot XOSL without USB Flash (now without flash inserted it uses directly BCD on partition1)
2, Be able to boot Windows 7 using the BCD on partition2 (i think something in second BCD is wrong)

Things i can handle
1, Edit BCD on partition1 to instant boot Vista, without menu prompt
2, Edit BCD on partition2 to instant boot 7, without menu prompt
3, Edit XOSL to hide partition2 when booting Vista and opposite, so when booted i will have C: for system and D: for DATA

thanks for help
I have done some progress,

Now I have two separated BCDs, one for Vista one for Seven both with only one item, without prompt, the partition of currently not booted OS is hidden, so this works good.

But I have found another problem. When i hibernate one system and power on the laptop again, the XOSL don't appear, and hibernated system resumes automaticaly.

I think the OS must do something with BIOS, because the shortcut for entering BIOS menu is not visible, and BIOS is ignoring the bootable USB Flash, which has highest priority. After resume and reset, everythink works as usual, so the change is only temporary.

Is there any way to block Windows, telling BIOS to ignore USB and directly resume