Vista and Fedora problem


I followed the directions on the wiki but when i pick fedora to boot to from vista bootloader i get nonsystem disk press any key to continue.

i had fedora 9 x64 before vista so what i did is launch the rescue from the cd used grub to install it on the linux boot secto. my grub stage 1 is in (hd0,4) so i did root (hd0,4) then setup (hd0,4)

and no go any help is appreciated.

Please try removing the Fedora Entry and adding a new Linux Entry. Except this time check the box for GRUB is not loaded ot the MBR.

See if that works for you.

Re-Install Fedora, making sure to install Grub to it's partition rather then the MBR. Next, add an entry in EasyBCD to point to Fedora's partition and select Grub is not loaded to MBR.

If that doesn't work, I'm assuming you are trying to install and use Fedora on a second hard drive (ie USB external). Disks that are not plugged in/detected that are referred to in the entries well bring you to Grub4dos rather then loading Grub's boot menu. Change (hd0,4) to (hd1,4) during boot time to boot Fedora and then change it in /boot/grub/menu.lst for future booting.
fedora is on the same drive as vista just on a different partition. i had fedora before vista. i've installed grub using the rescue cd and installing it on the fedora boot sector. i had this same setup with xp. only in xp i had made a binary file with the first 512bytes of grub. then in xp i added another entry to my boot.ini using the bin
EasyBCD makes the binary file for you, but if you have an old one from the XP days you can use it too. Just replace C:\NST\nst_grub.mbr with that old file, and you should be good to go.
Rename your binary file to nst_grub.mbr
Then copy and paste it into C:\NST\

When you're asked if you'd like to replace the existing file, just say yes.
wow common sense didt even think of that thanks


yea renaming my bin file to nst_grub.mbr did not work
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They should work fine. If you are having issues that is what you got us here for. Hiding/unhiding partitions for other OSes in menu.lst should be used if FC10/9 don't play nice. I can already confirm FC8 works fine. Thats the last version of Fedora i have ran alongside XP/Vista.