Vista and Linux booting, different hard drives.

Perry F.

I have Vista installed on the primary hard drive and Linux Fedora on the secondary hard drive. They are SATA hard drives.
I can not get Fedora to boot.. I used Neosmart to no effect. When I installed Linux, I chose Linux to boot from mbr (and installed grub loader), I think that would be primary partition that Vista is on?
Any help would be so damn appreciated.

Thanks, Perry
Perry, it would help if you could mention what error(s) you got when attempting to boot into Fedora with EasyBCD?
I followed the directions on the link you gave me, it worked well.
The tricky part to Neosmart it trying to figure out which partition to chose and deciding if you have grub, lilo etc.
I am very happy it boots Vista or Linux, now I can practice using linux.

Thanks ,Perry
Hello again,

I have put a hot swap bay in my computer which I would like to boot Windows Vista Business. This is the third hard drive . The others have Vista Home and a hard drive with the Linux.
Is EasyBCD capable of booting the third hard drive with Vista business? I added the entry into EasyBCD but the Vista Business did not show up at startup screen.
Or is there another way I could boot Vista Business?

Thanks, Perry
Well that should've worked, but you should be able to boot to the drive directly to load Vista Business as well. You're sure you pointed to the correct disk/partition?
When I configured the Linux hard drive EasyBCD showed partitions and drives. The Window Vista Business with EASYbcd did not give me an option to choose a partition . Is this normal?

Thanks, Perry
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Under add/remove entries, select Windows Vista/Longhorn from the drop down. It should also have a drive-dropdown to point to the correct disk/partiton. Refer to disk management/my computer to find out which drive letter is in use for the partition where Vista Business is housed because it doesn't actually list out drive/partition when adding a Windows entry.