Vista and Linux, each on its own drive


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I have two Sata hard drives, currently Vista Ultimate is installed on one. I already like Vista better than XP, so I erased XP on the other drive and would like to install two Linux distros on it. My motherboard allows me to select the boot drive by pressing F8 at startup. Would Vista have problems with this? I don't intend to write Grub to the Vista drive. Should I install EasyBCD?
Hey, welcome to NeoSmart Technologies.

You CAN do it by pressing F8 and switching the boot drive, but that's not the recommended method because it might cause you problems later.
However, it IS the easier way of doing it.

If you choose to do it this way, you won't have to install EasyBCD. But NB: You need to change the boot drive before you even install Linux of course.

You can choose to either stick to making the Vista drive as primary and using EasyBCD to boot everything else, or else do the F8 method - it's up to you :smile: