vista and suse 10 with 2 sata disks

henry lu

New Member
1. vista was installed first on first sata disk
2. swaped first disk to second so now Vista is on second disk
3. suse 10 was installed on first sata disk with three partitions:
2 GB swap
50 GB /
90 GB /home
4. boot into Vista
5. install EasyBCD
6. wich driver and partition should I chose to add the suse to the boot list?
I tried Driver 0 1,2,3 they are all failed.
How do I add suse entry to the EasyBCD entry?

Thank you

Hi Henry,

I'm afraid your mistake was in switichng the drives around between the setups. This is a highly not recommended method!!

Anyway, give EasyBCD 1.61 BETA a shot (see stickied thread for dl-link). It has a new "grubless" Linux mode that should do the trick.