Vista and Ubuntu..almost there

Hi all. Have a little problem. I have Vista installed on one drive, master. I had another drive that already had Ubuntu on it (latest version) so installed it in the PC so i have two drives. I just downloaded EasyBCD. I added Linux in BCD under my Vista. When i reboot i do get the menu to select if i want to boot from Vista or Ubuntu. When i select Vista its fine. When i select Ubuntu it jsut boots to a black screen. Im sure theres maybe one little step or setting that i missed. I noticed when im in BCD and i can add Linux, there are a few options...grub..grub 2...( im new to Linux) so dont really know much about those options. But no matter which one i select i get the same black screen when i select to boot Linux. If i disconnect the Vista drive i can boot to Ubuntu no problem. Any help would be greatly appreciated.


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Taking a disk with an operating system already installed on it and placing it in another PC is not guaranteed to work.

We recommend formatting that drive, and re-installing Ubuntu according to the instructions at Ubuntu - NeoSmart Technologies Wiki


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I think he's saying CG that Ubu boots fine via BIOS, but he can't get the BCD entry to chain successfully.

Ubu 10 definitely uses grub2 if you installed it clean, unless like me, you've got to 10 by successive upgrades from 8, in which case you could still have chosen to keep legacy grub.
Thanks!! I figured it out. Overlooked a little something. Forgot to check the option that Grub is not installed to MBR. Once i did that all went well. Thanks so much!


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You're most welcome, jasvncnt1 :smile:
Glad all is now well.