Vista and Ubuntu Duel boot


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Oh I am the ungrateful slime thingy to come before all of you wonderful IT guys.

I need help. I have Ubuntu and Vista duel booted, or I should say I had them duel booted. They both worked great for the longest time. The one day I went to use Ubuntu and I got this weird error.

Missing or Corrupt


Status: 0 x c000000f

That is where it stops every time I try to run Ubuntu. Vista runs fine still with no probs.

So umm help oh great masters of this forum board.
Phanku, just delete it and re-create it the way you did the first time (most likely with the "GRUB is not installed" option).

The most likely explanation is that the C:\NST\ folder was somehow deleted from your drive, deleting the NeoGrub configuration files.