Vista and Vmware ESXi dual-boot


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Since Vmware released ESXi for free, I wan't to do a multiboot with vista which is already
installed (and i don't intend to remove it in order to test ESXi in another partition).
Is it possible to configure it with easyBCD or anyone tried it ?
Thanks in advance for any explanation.
You want to dual boot with a Virtual System? Cant do it. You already need a OS running to run a VM. There is no way to boot into a VM from a cold boot. Need to boot up to a OS first then run VM and boot that system.
No, no, no - EasyBCD can dual-boot with ESX!

ESX(i) is an operating system (a real, physical OS - not a virtualized one) that runs other operating systems as virtual machines.

EasyBCD can't dual-boot with the virtual systems, but it can dual-boot Vista and ESX.

ESX is a Linux-based (very, very light) operating system that runs the software used to virtualize other OSes. Since it's Linux-based, EasyBCD can dual-boot into it via any of the recognized Linux methods: NeoGrub, GRUB, chainloaded bootsectors, and more.

Just a brief request, has anyone figured out how to implement a Vista / ESXi Dualboot yet? I tried myself with no success. ESXi creates several partitions which are visible under Viste. Yet I do not know which one contains the files needed to boot.
I would appreciate any help.