Vista and XP boot menu problem


Scenario: Used diskpart to shrink Vista Home Premium and then loaded XP Pro into the free space. Then used EasyBCD to create the proper boot menu. Everything just fine.

Then, while changing boot option timeout from 30 secs to 10 secs hit the wrong save button and wrecked the boot menu. Tried to recover boot options but eventually had to re-install XP.

It works ok again now but EasyBCD shows 5 boot entries instead of 2. The 3 “phantom” entries show in the boot up phase as pairs of empty white boxes.

Does anyone know how to tidy up? :scared:
Thanks for quick reply. All fixed now. There was a large blank space between Vista and XP in the Add/Remove Entries page, but clicking carefully revealed there were 3 separate blank lines. I deleted each blank line in turn and the boot menu is now perfect.
Your help is very much appreciated.